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Worked for them for 3 weeks with a broken leg and they never paid me.I found their current phone numbers on line David Haddad 630-965-1078 and Lisa 630-649-8944 I just called them and they told me that If I continued to call them and ask for my pay check that they would call the police.

I told them they should call the police because they were ordered to pay me $3,000.00 in December 2011 or go to jail. They are not in jail where they do belong. I told them hopefully the police would arrest them when they called. David says that they claimed bankrupcty and basically doesn't have to pay me as he claims he has no money.

I heard through these various web sites that he and his wife are now scamming others in some new business venture. Once a scammer always a scammer. Everyone keep calling them I don't care how they feel because they screwed me and alot of people over.

I worked for them the day my doctor said I could walk using my boot.I was in incredible pain every day but I worked.

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Elburn, Illinois, United States #1331927

running a new scam now in Tinley Park, here's her facebook page


he's running an "alarm company"

Heart Check America Scam

Catonsville, Maryland 1 comment
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I am a victim of a 10 yr.plan costing $5,700 and would like to join a class action lawsuit against Heart Check America.

Everyone who was cheated should form a class action law suit. These criminals and imposters posing as doctors wearing white uniforms without any formal medical education...unlicensed by the state (using scare tactics showing clogged arteries of the-walking-dead) need to be punished and forced to pay us back by the Civil Court. They fraudulently notified everyone that they were relocating their clinics to new locations (that never happened). Instead, they filed for bankruptcy without notification by the Heart Check America management and the finance company who provided the loans.

Can you help?


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I as well am a victim and was taken for thousands of dollars.I was given a very sad speeech by the sales rep of his wife passing away and how he wishes this technology was around for her.

Yada yada.

I as well would like to join this class action law suit, the new company doesn't even call back.Very disappointing, I could understand if we signed up through the internet but face to face I feel so ashamed to have fallen for that.

Ripped off by Heart Check America

San Diego, California 5 comments
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Ripped off in San Diego by Heart Check America on 2-27-2011 I paid in full $3000.00 out of my health funds for 10 years of services, heart scans, lung scans, full body scans, bone density, and virtual Colonoscopy.I have paper work signed by a representative of Heart Check America of them receiving the payment in full of $3000.00 for the 10 year contract.

Now the offices in LA and San Diego and virtually across the country are closed. I would like to get the $3000.00 dollars back for my health care.

They should not be able to get away with this fraud.

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i know where these scammers are. up until last week i worked for them, they are in san diego, going under a new name, "lifescore clinic." if you need help contacting them call me: (619)201-4479


i know where they are: in san diego.until last week i worked for them.

total scammers. that is why i quit.

please tell me what i can do to help.my number is (619)201-4479


I was also scammed by heart check America but don't feel as bad now since I only lost $1700 when others lost much more than I did.I filed a charge dispute with my credit card company and have not heard back from them yet.


Thank you for your response Vera I was beginning to think I was the only one ripped off. I is a tragedy when us hard working people are taken advantage of like this and we can’t get swift Justus. I will do what you suggested.

Thank you again,



I wish I could give you some good news.I wrote letters to everyone from local media to Attorney Generals and the Fed Trade commission.

So far, none of those people have been able to help us. But I do encourage you to write to those people anyway. The more complaints they get will help with investigations. And maybe someday we'll get our money back.

I talked to a lawyer and he's not touching it because nobody knows where these scammers are. I'm hoping for a class action lawsuit someday.

Good luck!V

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Heart Check America Ripped Us Off $5400

San Diego, California 1 comment
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I want to make everyone aware of the Heart Check America Scam!!! Everyone should know that.... Millions of people have been Ripped Off for Thousands of dollars!!! Most of us can't afford it and financed it for our health!!

My Husband & I just recently discovered that we've been the victims of Heart Check America! We received a call in Nov. 2010 to receive a free heart check. Sounded like a good idea. We set an appointment for Nov. 20, 2010. We know that nothing is free and they would probably try to sell us something. Of course they put us through this depressing presentation with all these horror stories of family members & celebrities, and how it could have saved their life if they knew about Heart Check America. They even showed us a video of Oprah Winfrey on her show praising the services of Heart Check America. (If Oprah says it, it must be true). We were a tough sell and were there for 4 hrs. They really try to tug on your heart strings.

They talked us into buying a full body scan along with a 10 year contract for 1 scan yearly. You could choose from a Coronary artery scan, Lung scan, Bone density scan, Virtual Colonoscopy. Basically any vital organs. If you don't want to use it that year, you can give it to a friend or family member. They also gave us a referral list and said that everyone that comes in for a free heart check gets me a $50 refund. (Glad none of my friends signed up.) Ultimately cost us $5,194 + $199 1st yr. network dues. The dues are yearly and automatic. This was all financed through Care Credit GE Money Bank @ 14% interest. Except network dues.


We did the body scan the same day and received a cd that my doctor can't read. (Apparently only a licensed radiologist can read it.) They also gave us a print out of the results that were much more understandable. I went back for a pelvic scan on Feb. 19, 2011. Everything seemed normal in the facility, business as usual. June 2011 we received a letter from Heart Check America saying they sold the company to someone called Health Screening Plus. And to call their number after June 27, 2011. I didn't think anything of it, people sell businesses all the time. We went to set an appointment for my Husbands yearly screening on Nov. 14, 2011. No Answer. The company is non existent in San Diego. We called all the phone numbers we had and nothing.

I did some research on the internet and am finding out that they got shut down in Denver back in May 2011for operating without a physicians supervision. Several states have tried to sue them and can't find them. Illinois, Colorado, Nevada... Seems San Diegans are the last ones to find out about this mess.

Note: If Oprah Winfrey and Harpo Productions knows anything about this.... I think it's a shame that one of the most powerful and supposedly generous people in the world would let millions of people suffer as a result of her indorsement. This economy is bad enough without having to finance more on the premise of possibly catching some debilitating disease early. What a shame for millions of us poor suckers!!!

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Styxchic – We’d like to assist with your account and ensure you do not pay for services that were not rendered.Please email me at gecapitalcares@ge.com with the following information:

- The full name associated with the account

- Mailing address associated with the account

- Your contact phone number

- Reference code DM 120111_pcStyxchic

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.



GE Capital

Heart Check America - Heart Check Ripped me off for $5000

Elmhurst, Illinois 1 comment
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I signed a contract for $5000 to have a yearly Heart Check for the next 10 years.

I financed this thru Chase Health Advantage and still have more than a year of payments to make.

I had one heart check in July 2010 and received a letter that the office is closed and another location in Arlington Heights Il was taking on there customers. I have made several phone calls to the company and have not heard antyhing back from them.

I would like to know how I can go about getting back the money that I already paid and how to stop paying on my currene laon



You can not. Speak to your physician not a stripmall *** artist.

Heart Check America - Deceptive business BodyScans or MoneyScams

Long Beach, California 4 comments

I Feel RIPPED off.My story to be channel 7 Los Angeles News soon for all to know deceptive business Heart Check America truly is.

the damage is big, I estimate with 5 State operating since Jan 2010, Must be over 60 Million Dollars, each center seeing over 600 people per week and 150 would sign up 3 to 5 K for 10 year plan. Lots of MONEY. I got news for the people behind this. I'm mad as *** and I"m not going to take this anymore!

Lets file a Class action everybody contact BBB State, Attorney General, Los Angeles Police, FBI, IRS, Gov Brown,AARP,more and even President Obama, and get all forms of our gov involved.Since having court action experiance in Indiana.David Haddad Step up to the plate and be a MAN, come out of hiding

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Yes the same thing happened to me.The sold me and my husband this Platinum Plan for 10 years at $4495 through Chase Advance and then also $299 set up fee.

I just found out a year later after faithfully paying Chase that it was a scam. Phones are disconnected, website is gone, and office is closed down.

This is such a huge operation and they must be shut down.Where do we go from here?


I visited this site to see comments regarding HCA. I see some upset comments, but do not see what the complaint actually is all about.


I have recently sent complaints to the CA A/G's as well as the IL, NV, CO A/G offices, the CA Dept.of Health and Human Welfare, the Federal Trade Comission.

CA has acknowledged my complaint and is on file. In addition, I have just retained a consumer fraud attorney, George West III, who is licensed in NV and CA and will file a class action suit for us in California. For those who paid cash to HCA are probably screwed and the rest of us who are making payments may at least get debt forgiveness and cancelled contracts due to fraud and breech.

Once the suit is filed, it will name all parties involved.I can be reached at: idavidbrandow@ca.rr.com.


I filed a complaint With CA A/G's office and just recieved acknowledgement.I'm awaiting response with the local bar for attorney referral and have contacted the finance company, Chase Advance Health Plans for which they are aware of but have no information to share.

In the meatime, I think that we are obligated to maintain or contractual agreements with the payments.

I am interested in taking part in any lawsuit.It's bad enough that we are about to be ripped off with our health care and social security benefits.

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Heart Check America

Rancho Palos Verdes, California 8 comments
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First let me state that I have never made a public complaint like this, however, but there is always a first for everything. I have worked part time for Heart Check America sine August of 2010.

The issue here is how they treat their employees. It started very benign at first - checks being late,then checks being several weeks late. Now we are at the refusal to make payments that they legally owe us. Giving us ridiculous claims as to why they don't pay us they money we are rightfully owed.

I am now going to call the Department of Labor. Maybe they will wake up, and realize that they can't treat employees like dirt.

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After submitting complaints to the CA A/G's office, DAHHW Dept., and the FTC, we have retained attorney George O.West III who is licensed in NV and CA.

A class action suit is being filed with the Superior Court of Los Angeles on behalf of the victims here in CA.Go to his website for details and updates.


As you might know by last June, all operations with disco phones have been closed in IL, SC, NV, CO and CA.The owner is stated to be Sheila Haddad with her son David managing the business.

They were already involved in a time share scam in 2007. I read court activities going on in IL, CO, and NV along with some media coverage. No info on CA other than other consumer/employee postings. I have filed complaint with the CA A/G's office and just received acknowledgement, however, they recommended that I seek my own attorney for which I am awaiting referral response from the local bar.

We paid $4595 with annual service fee of $299 for the 10 year annual screening program. I still owe $3200 and have continued paying Chase Advance Health Plan based on contractual obligations. Chase is aware of the situation and until there is legal intervention, we are screwed.

I'm hoping to establish a list of victims and remain posted.My e-mail: idavidbrandow@ca.rr.com


The Heart Check America name is ruined by the recent owners who went out of business owing everyone money and owing patients proper reports. Those owners are David and Lisa Haddad just an FYI for all people they ripped off.


We got free scans in December after we were talked into a membership to the tune of $3200.I received my disc right away, but with no printed interpretation, which renders the disc useless.

My husband got nothing until I called, then they sent the interpretation for him.

I'd like my money back, but none of the phone numbers work, and I do not have an address for customer service.We were stolen from!!


I believe this company in a scam.I want to know who owns this company and then I am going to sue them.

They take your money and you get nothing in return.

I will see them in court!Bastards!


All I know is the owners and the upper management at heartcheck should be put in prision.I would love to talk to law enforcement about them.Trust me these guys screwed everyone as well as the employees.


My husband and I got free heart checks from Heart Check America, and although that was OK, I still don't recommend the company.The reason I don' recommend the company is because when we were there, they had problems with their computer equipment, which I offered to help them fix.

They took me up on my offer to come back another day and fix their computer problems. I wrote a contract and specified my rate of pay/hour and one of the representatives signed it and wrote an additional comment of "within 30 days, invoice received". I successfully did the work and requested payment within 30 days of the day I did the work on 3/8/2011 and they have not paid me. When I called, the representative whom I spoke to denied even knowing about the agreement and said the person who signed it no longer works there.

They claimed that they needed an invoice before paying me. I faxed them an invoice for the balance due and put on it, payment due immediately via certified cashier's check upon receipt of enclosed invoice.

They still have not paid me.This company is a fraud and does not live up to its advertised reputation.

Delmar, New York, United States #227129

I got one of those free heart scans back in October, and I still have not gotten my results back in the mail! I can see that this company overall does not have good business practices -or certainly treat their employees evenly remotely fair.

I would never give a good review for this company.

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