I Feel RIPPED off.My story to be channel 7 Los Angeles News soon for all to know deceptive business Heart Check America truly is.

the damage is big, I estimate with 5 State operating since Jan 2010, Must be over 60 Million Dollars, each center seeing over 600 people per week and 150 would sign up 3 to 5 K for 10 year plan. Lots of MONEY. I got news for the people behind this. I'm mad as *** and I"m not going to take this anymore!

Lets file a Class action everybody contact BBB State, Attorney General, Los Angeles Police, FBI, IRS, Gov Brown,AARP,more and even President Obama, and get all forms of our gov involved.Since having court action experiance in Indiana.David Haddad Step up to the plate and be a MAN, come out of hiding

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Yes the same thing happened to me.The sold me and my husband this Platinum Plan for 10 years at $4495 through Chase Advance and then also $299 set up fee.

I just found out a year later after faithfully paying Chase that it was a scam. Phones are disconnected, website is gone, and office is closed down.

This is such a huge operation and they must be shut down.Where do we go from here?


I visited this site to see comments regarding HCA. I see some upset comments, but do not see what the complaint actually is all about.


I have recently sent complaints to the CA A/G's as well as the IL, NV, CO A/G offices, the CA Dept.of Health and Human Welfare, the Federal Trade Comission.

CA has acknowledged my complaint and is on file. In addition, I have just retained a consumer fraud attorney, George West III, who is licensed in NV and CA and will file a class action suit for us in California. For those who paid cash to HCA are probably screwed and the rest of us who are making payments may at least get debt forgiveness and cancelled contracts due to fraud and breech.

Once the suit is filed, it will name all parties involved.I can be reached at: idavidbrandow@ca.rr.com.


I filed a complaint With CA A/G's office and just recieved acknowledgement.I'm awaiting response with the local bar for attorney referral and have contacted the finance company, Chase Advance Health Plans for which they are aware of but have no information to share.

In the meatime, I think that we are obligated to maintain or contractual agreements with the payments.

I am interested in taking part in any lawsuit.It's bad enough that we are about to be ripped off with our health care and social security benefits.

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